It all started way back...



The journey begins in 1990 with the famous conversation between myself and my mother, Roberta Jean Lerner, and wanting to play an instrument...
Me: "Mom, I would like to learn an instrument."
Mom: "Ok, what would you like to play?" (She already knows what I'm playing because as a teacher, you have that ability!)
Me: "I wanna play in the band!"
Mom: "Jason, you know those are loud instruments and we have neighbors."
Me: "Yeah you're right. Orchestra?"
Mom: "Sounds great. What instrument?"
Me: "I want to play the bass!"
Mom: "Jason, that's so big to carry around."
Me: "Yeah you're right. How about the violin?"
Mom: "Jason, everyone plays the violin. You're unique."
Me: "Yeah, you're right. Thanks Mom. Cello?"
Mom: "Jason, are you going to be able to carry that?"
Me: "Not really."
So viola it was and this paved the way to currently- becoming totally engulfed in music and the arts! 
I was a part of the Wahl-Coates Elementary Orchestra, E.B. Aycock Middle School Orchestra, C.M. Eppes Middle School Orchestra, and J.H. Rose High School Orchestra. My teaching was under the guidance of Mrs. Mamie Dixon and Mrs. Glenna Theurer, who assisted with Suzuki Method. I was selected to the Eastern North Carolina All-Star Orchestra and was the ninth chair violist. I also competed in St. Louis, Missouri for a high school competition.
During my transition to boarding school, Orchestra was absent from the Arts program; the skills and advancement were on hold... until college came!
College was filled with many fun memories including jamming out in the breezeways on Friday nights! The viola came back out and the jam sessions began; note to self- it's very hard to jam on a viola! The frustration built up and something was needed in order to continue this ride! DMB saves the day!
In 2003, a good college friend sharing similar feelings about DMB, scored us PIT tickets and back stage passes. After the show, I met Boyd Tinsley, violinist, and the next day, I bought a violin and transitioned from viola to violin.
The journey continues!
In 2004, I was introduced to another college friend that invited me to join his band, Anonymous, which I obliged. For 2 years, we played live shows and I showcased my raw improv skills and larger than life character that resulted in solos out in the crowd. The Mad Fiddler was beginning to be born and unleashed!
After college in 2008, the journey continued to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina and specifically Pine Knoll Shores (located on Bogue Banks) and the Swansboro/Emerald Isle area.
While out leisurely with colleagues one evening, in Emerald Isle at the Emerald Club, a local band was playing. I proceeded to let them know that they were great and that my name is Jason Addams and I play the electric violin. Three months later, a trial jam practice session was planned and I eventually became, in 2010, a member of Big Drink Music Company. I eventually also began playing with another group in the area, 4EverAll, in 2013. In 2016, tragedy hit and the drummer for Big Drink, Jay Tyndall, lost his life unexpectedly. Tragedies can bring people closer or pull them apart. In the latter parts of 2016, a solo project began focusing on awareness of the dying arts in the public schools.
Currently, my passion for music and playing the violin continues as my services now include DJ private events, plan the music for weddings and DJ, slideshow and power-point presentations, teach music and violin lessons, and gig locally with local talent in the area. 
Look forward to this new chapter and to see what lies next?!
Keep the Arts Alive!
Jason Addams
The Mad Fiddler
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